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Migraines or Headaches?


Pregnancy? Childbirth?

Pain Syndrome?  Repetitive use disorders?

Breast Cancer and post mastectomy?


Women have unique health issues throughout life.   Unfortunately they are more prone to soft tissue injuries from repetitive use and hormonal shifts amplify their pain.  The disorders listed above affect them exclusively or on a greater scale.  

My Therapeutic Practice has had great success with women's physical issues.

I understand how pain robs you of so much.

I empathize with clients struggling on a daily basis.  

I listen to what you and your body are telling me about your pain.

Clients routinely express immense gratitude that someone believes them, believes they are indeed suffering with a pain issue.  Because they feel abandoned by their families, friends or doctors who have stopped listening, stopped caring or stopped helping them.  

Constant low grade pain and muscular tension is mentally and emotionally exhausting.  Those with  fibromyalgia or constant headaches are at greater risk of depression, substance abuse and social isolation.  

This, is called the "Pain Drain".   A downward spiral of pain, with increasing loss of motion and vitality that is difficult to get out of. 

Regular, progressive sessions of Therassage can reverse this process.  We release the fascial restrictions and teach effective self treatment strategies to get out of the "Pain Drain".    

Please read the testimonial page to hear how other women have an improved  quality of  life with Therassage. 


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