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Chiropractic & Therassage


The Perfect Marriage...


Clients who utilize Chiropractic Treatment with THERASSAGE see the best results overall.  It really is the perfect marriage of therapeutic modalities.

Chiropractic Doctors seek to achieve the best functional alignment of your skeletal system; the main componenent being your spine.  A good Chiropractor also will treat all of your the arms, shoulders, wrists, pelvis, knees and ankles.  

Don't dismiss pain or discomfort; or mistakingly label it as "just getting old" or arthritis.  Many times a minor dislocation can cause nerve compression resulting in pain and dysfunction. 

Below are local Chiropractors in the Appleton area that I have seen personally and know their work to be exceptional.


Dr. Ben Reineking DC   Ascend Chiropractic

920-574-3622. (Westhill Blvd. across from Woodmans)


Dr. Felicia Houck DC Shifting Tides Chiropractic

920-722-5454  1403 Appleton Rd. Menasha - (South Appleton)     


Dr. Jeff Hammel DC    Waupaca Wellness Center